Fuelling System

Irrespective of your endurance discipline, whether you’re a cyclist, runner, triathlete or adventure racer, the TORQ Fuelling System will work for you. Disciplines like cycling allow you to carry a wide variety of nutrition with you, whereas running can be a little more restrictive. Read on to learn how the TORQ Fuelling System works and if you’re a runner, or your sport incorporates running, take a look at the Fuelling Running tab a little further along and consider which approach and mix of TORQ fuelling products will work best for you.

Our guidelines are simple. For optimal endurance performances, take 2-3 TORQ units per hour. 1 TORQ unit equals 30g of multiple-transportable carbohydrate and we have made consuming your TORQ units extremely easy by creating uniformity across our product range.

If the weather is hot and/or perspiration rates are high, it makes sense to consume more 500ml TORQ Energy drink units, because you’ll be simultaneously taking on board both fluid and electrolytes with your carbohydrate to facilitate hydration.

In cooler weather, overconsumption of TORQ Energy will fill your bladder and your exercise will be interrupted by toilet stops! This is where drinking less, but gaining your TORQ units through the more concentrated TORQ fuel sources (Gels, Bars and Chews) makes more sense.

Essentially, irrespective of perspiration rates, your fuelling requirements remain constant, but the more you sweat, the greater the need to replace fluid and vital electrolytes. This why the TORQ Fuelling System works so beautifully, adapting to your hydration needs whilst providing the constant supply of fuel essential for optimal endurance performances. In all of the examples displayed on this page, we have used a cyclist for consistency, but whether you’re a runner, open water swimmer or triathlete, the fuelling principles remain the same.

If you haven’t watched the video headlining this page, please take the time to watch either one of the short animations below, because it covers all the TORQ Fuelling System essentials in just over 2 minutes.

If you’re a cyclist, watch this video:


YouTube video


If you’re a runner, watch this video (please note that TORQ Hypotonic has been renamed TORQ Hydration since this animation was produced – they are the same product):



So effectively, your carbohydrate intake should always be 60-90 grams per hour (2-3 TORQ units per hour), irrespective of the weather conditions and perspiration rates, but the method by which you choose to fuel yourself will vary. We’re recommending that newcomers and smaller individuals begin with a strategy of 2 TORQ units per hour and experiment with 3 TORQ units per hour as they become more comfortable with a structured fuelling regimen. Individuals over 65kg in weight and experienced sports people should be able to move onto 3 TORQ units per hour fairly easily and without any cause for concern, but we would always advise fuelling at 60 grams per hour (2 TORQ units) if in any doubt.

The TORQ Fuelling System essentially provides the tools to experiment with different fuelling textures and as long as you stick to the 2-3 TORQ units per hour rule and listen to your thirst reflex, there really isn’t anything that can go wrong. From a texture perspective, the TORQ Fuelling System also provides the perfect variety with fuelling products ranging from ‘Wet’ to ‘Smooth’ to ‘Soft’ to ‘Chewy’ – TORQ Energy, TORQ Gel, TORQ Bar and TORQ Chew respectively. The choice of texture is all yours.

The infographic below sums up the simplicity of the TORQ Fuelling System perfectly: