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Torq Plant Based Recovery

Torq Plant Based Recovery

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TORQ Vegan Recovery Drink is a highly advanced post-exercise nutritional drink formulation that has been designed to Rehydrate, Refuel, Repair and Recharge your fatigued physiology after heavy exercise. 

  • 3:1 Carbohydrate:Protein
  • High Quality Pea Protein Content
  • Fast-Acting High GI Carbohydrates
  • Glutamine for Muscle/Immune Protection
  • Ribose for Cellular Regeneration
  • Part of the TORQ Recovery System
  • Add to either Fruit Juice or Oat Milk
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Like TORQ’s flagship whey-based Recovery Drink, TORQ Vegan Recovery Drink has been designed to work as part of the highly comprehensive and thorough TORQ Recovery System. This system considers the level of activity you are performing and recommends concepts and products from the TORQ range to suit your physical loading in a cumulative fashion. For further information on the TORQ Recovery System, click HERE.

We offer 2 different formulations, Creamy Cocoa which is designed to be added to 400ml of Oat Milk and Robust & Fruity to be added to 400ml of Orange Juice (or another flavour of fruit juice if desired). The oat milk or fruit juice used kick-starts the hydration process. Our matrix of Glucose Polymers, Dextrose, Pea Protein Isolate and the carbohydrates already present in the oat milk/fruit juice stimulate the rapid absorption of carbohydrate to re-stock vital glycogen stores. Along with our use of high quality Pea Protein, our active ingredients, D-Ribose, L-Glutamine work togethe

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information for both flavours of TORQ Vegan Recovery Drink are supplied here
No Colours // No Flavourings // No Artificial Sweeteners // No Preservatives // Suitable for Vegans // No Gluten Containing Ingredients Used

Creamy Cocoa
Ingredients: Pea Protein Isolate, Maltodextrin (Glucose Polymers), Dextrose, Ribose (3.1%), Glutamine (6.3%), Cocoa Powder.

per 100g per 96g Serve
Energy (kJ) 1435 1374
Energy (kcal) 337 322
Fat (g) 3.0 3.0
of which saturates (g) 2.0 2.0
Carbohydrate (g) 49 47
of which sugars (g) 28 27
Fibre (g) 5.0 5.0
Protein (g) 25 24
Salt (g) 1.0 1.0
D-Ribose (g) 3.1 3.0
L-Glutamine (g) 6.3 6.0
per 100g serving per 96g serving
Total BCAA (g) 3.9 3.7
Leucine (g) 2.0 1.9
NOTE: This data represents the nutritional content of the TORQ Vegan Recovery Powder only. The nutritional data will change when added to 400ml of Oat Milk.

Allergy Information: No Allergens. Please be aware that if you use oat milk with this preparation, you will be adding gluten. You can try making this product with other plant-based milks, but the nutritionals have been designed around the use of oat milk. If you are gluten intolerant, we advise that you opt for the Robust & Fruity version.

Robust & Fruity
Ingredients: Maltodextrin (Glucose Polymers), Pea Protein Isolate, Ribose (4.0%), Glutamine (7.9%).

per 100g per 76g Serve
Energy (kJ) 1378 1042
Energy (kcal) 322 244
Fat (g) 0 0
of which saturates (g) 0 0
Carbohydrate (g) 46 35
of which sugars (g) 4.0 1
Fibre (g) 1.0 0.9
Protein (g) 33 25
Salt (g) 1.0 0
D-Ribose (g) 4.0 3.0
L-Glutamine (g) 7.9 6.0
per 100g serving per 76g serving
Total BCAA (g) 6.1 4.6
Leucine (g) 3.2 2.4
NOTE: This data represents the nutritional content of the TORQ Vegan Recovery Powder only. The nutritional data will change when added to 400ml of Orange Juice (based on juice carton from concentrate).

Allergy Information: No Allergens.